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About Us

Guilin FLYTYING Factory sells to a worldwide market and does large & small volume. The minimum quantities for orders start at less than USD$100. Fly prices per unit depend on pattern complexity and the order volume. Realistic lures take longer to manufacture and often require more material and procedure. Generally then, prices are higher than standard traditional market flies.

Realistic fly designs focus on combining successful traditional and modern fly tying materials with new innovations to achieve visually accurate, realistic flies with life like movement and feeling. Many of our larger realistic flies have been responsible for catching trophy fish in Western Canada where they were developed and tested. (See photo`s.) These patterns offer anglers and fishing tackle sales people alike a whole new dimension in fly angling and spin fishing.

Most traditional market flies are quite easy for us to produce at small and large quantities to satisfy the angler, retailer and wholesaler. Should you wish a special pattern local for your angling needs we would be happy to quote you a price to produce it. We can usually do this with a photo or sample supplied by the customer.

Flies Photos on this site have the title CURRENT or GALLERY under them and this means that what we are producing now and are available immediately is CURRENT production. What we will produce in the future as the orders come in for a particular style are GALLERY production.

We also offer on this website free education about flytying/luremaking, angling theory and successful fishing techniques. traditional methodology`s used by anglers worldwide along with modern techniques and ideas provoked by realistic imitations provider`s for cutting edge fishing experiences for those who search for trophy fish and new wave tactics. We are a new website in the angling venue and are constantly updating and adding so we recommend you check in for update`s at your leisure.