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Our Values

We focus on delivering what specific customers want and try our best to cultivate long-term relationships between our customers and us. We believe that offering a broad selection with custom alterations combined with modern fly patterns brings repeat clientele.

Free Education

Our Education section offers information to anyone interested in fly–tying, angling tactics & theory, pattern design etc. and you need not purchase anything to view.

Quality Assurance

Product Design Technician, Production, and Factory Manager is a Canadian Flyfishing and Entomology Instructor with many years of experience in angling and fly tying technology both on the water and at the factory level. Having this kind of experience at the factory daily allows for unique service to our customers.

Product Range

Our factory offers a wide range of insect designs with entomologically correct silhouette / shape first to give the angler a new and modern realistic choice in fishing with handmade flies.

Many of our larger flies are designed for freshwater game fish including pike, walleye, goldeye, trout, perch, bass etc. Although we call them flies they are in effect lures and can be used on most kinds of fishing rods and reels for casting, trolling jigging or the like.

Wholesale ? Distributor

China-FishingFlies.com is mainly designed for the retail marketplace worldwide. If you are interested in larger volume, special packaging or other related information please contact China-FishingFlies:

E-Mail: chinafishingflies@gmail.com